3015H & 4015H Branson Tractor

3015H & 4015H BransonTractor features and options

Welcome to 3015H and 4015H Branson Tractors and the Midsize Series Tractors.

Branson Tractors designed their 3015H and 4015H Branson Tractors midsize tractors with rugged, dependability in mind. The company is owned by Kukje Manufacturing of South Korea, a leader in the field of agricultural equipment with over 50 years experience in design, development and manufacture of tractors and other heavy duty agricultural equipment.

The tractors are shipped to the United States and assembled in Rome, Georgia (US Headquarters), Oregon and Texas for distribution by dealers throughout the United States and Canada.


3015 & 3015H | 30 HP
3515 & 3515 H | 35 HP
4015 & 4015H | 40 HP

  • Wide Operators Platform
  • Fold down ROPS
  • Removable Radiator Screen
  • Deluxe Adjustable Seat
  • Hydrostatic Steering
  • Dual Hydraulic Pumps
  • Steel Hood, Fenders / Powder Coat Finish
  • Wet Disc Brakes
  • Easy Access Fuel Tank


Standard features of the 3015R & H, 3515R & H and 4015R & H Midsize Series tractors are many of the same features offered on our larger tractors.

“A” SERIES DIESEL ENGINE – This series has eco-friendly diesel engines that are built by Branson. They are Tier 4 certified. No intervention or cycling is required from the operator and the operations is fully automatic while the engine is running. An electronic data logger monitors the system, but does not effect the engine’s fuel injection pump.

CAST IRON FRAME & STEEL BODY – There is no aluminum, pot metal or brittle metal blends used in the casting of the power train and frame—
it’s all CAST IRON. The hoods and fenders are steel with a powder-coated paint finished. The main frame is wide, heavy and reinforced to prevent distortion in rough terrain and heavy duty load applications. These tractors are built to last!

FRONT AXLE – Branson’s 4WD axle provides a lock to lock steering angle of 57º with 10º of camber. Since no drag link is used, a smooth, easy and tight turn is achieved. It also reduces front tire wear. Power to the front axle is engaged or disengaged with a small lever. We recommend disengaging the front axle for road use.

HYDROSTATIC POWER STEERING – There is no mechanical connection between the steering wheel and the power steering cylinder—it’s all hydraulic. You’ll feel the difference in the smooth and easy turns.

DUAL HYDRAULIC PUMPS – This series has independent hydraulic flow to the steering and to the auxiliary, hitch, loader and backhoe functions.

LIVE HYDRAULIC POWER – The dual hydraulic pumps are engine mounted and driven by the camshaft gear, giving the operator instant and powerful hydraulic flow.

SYNCHRONIZED TRANSMISSION & SHUTTLE – Speed gears are fully synchronized so there is no gear grinding when shifting. A convenient dash mounted control lever shifts smoothly from forward to reverse. The linkage is direct with no U-joints. There are 12 forward & 12 reverse gears.

THREE POINT HITCH – The lift capacity is outstanding and is balanced with the dimensions of the tractor. The rockshaft lift arms are a Branson’s exclusive, with a new “yoke” type design, using tubular steel, adjustable, hitch stabilizers— not sway chains. No tools are required for adjustments. A convenient dial knob adjusts the hitch lowering rate for heavier or lighter implements.

DIFFERENTIAL LOCK – A pedal operation locks power to both rear wheels for increased traction in heavy, muddy or wet or snowy conditions. Release the pedal or tap the brakes to return to normal use.

INDEPENDENT 540 & 540E PTO – The 15 Series tractors use an independent, wet hydraulic, multi disc clutch PTO system. The tractor does not have to be stopped to engage the PTO—it can be done “on the go.” Two PTO speed modes are available. A lever allows selection between 540 and 540E.


HYDRO MAX – Branson’s new HYDRO-MAX transmission is standard on all 15 series HST models. With HYDRO-MAX you no longer have to pre-set an engine throttle position The engine rpm automatically increases or decreases as you move the forward/reverse foot pedals.

HYDRO MAX is quiet, smooth and easy…perfect for loader applications! Also just right for mowing, rototilling, or other PTP applications, as you have complete control of engine rpm and ground speed. “Cruise Control” is also a standard feature.

  • Maximum transmission torque
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Maximum reliability

HYDRO MAX is eco-smart and very quiet. Test drive a HYDRO-MAX to feel the difference!


  • Deluxe adjustable, suspension operator’s seat.
  • Fold down ROPS
  • Removable Radiator Screen
  • Wet Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Clutch pedal Lock Down Latch
  • Mounting step to Wide Platform

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